Two-in-One Power Disc

Two-in-One Power Disc

Item No.: TOPD
Feature: Premium quality material with 3mm thick grinding wheel, making the disc do the job of cutting and grinding wheel.
-High stock removal.
-Long service time.
-No waste of material.
-Environmentally friendly.

Two in One Power Disc



Second generation ceramic sandcloth and bonded disc.



Suitable for all metals including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium.


[Applicable Industry]

All metal related industries.


[Applicable Tool]
Angle Grinder.



Usded for both cutting and grinding. Excellent heat dissipation, will not burn the workpiece while working. Efficiency is improved greatly by using second generation ceramic grain. Synchronous consumption and dust reduced, environmental conservation.



Diam. x Bore
Grit Available Max. RPM



100 x 16 2.0/3.0 P36/P40/P60 15,300 20
115 x 22 2.0/3.0 P36/P40/P60 13,300 20
125 x 22 2.0/3.0 P36/P40/P60 12,200 20
150 x 22 2.0/3.0 P36/P40/P60 10,200 20
180 x 22 2.0/3.0 P36/P40/P60 8,500 20