Flap Wheel

Shaft-mounted Unitized Wheel

Item No.: SMUW
Feature: A consistent and uniform finishing, close to
mirror finish work in narrow areas

Unitized Flap Wheel with Shaft



Unitized materials.





[Recommended Applications]

Deburring, Cleaning, Blending and Finishing any kind of metal stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, alloys, plastic& fibreglass. Especially on small or hard-to-reachsurfaces, such as the internal surfaces of pipes, cylinders, parts of irregular shape.

[Applicable Industry]

Suitable for the occasion where the polishing effect is very uniform and consistent. Precision processing of aircraft, automobile and other parts, polishing of stainless steel tableware, building hardware, lighting, golf clubs, copper and aluminum products, wood products, plastics, marble and other materials.



Best finishing, long lasting, no loading, low temperature, flexible and confirming, polishing is finer with clearer lines, and has ver good heat dissipation.


*Specifications beyond the list can be customized.